ARIRANG HILL – A long-awaited 2018 World Skateboarders Party got started. Many boarders gathered from every corners around the world in the Jeongseon, Gangwon-do, Korea. The place became filled with their young energy and passion, itself setting the mind boggling stage. We could not miss it. Radical activeness of extreme sports gears and the functional […]

looking for originality

looking for originality – MOVINS.R has always pursued the originality. We’ve always been foolish to choose the difficult path. Some says, “World has changed. Everything has changed. Everything is changing, and the change is even faster. There is no need to take the difficult path.” However, we feel the consistent repetition even in that rapid […]

We got special artwork

We got special artwork – We’ve encountered characters used by ancient primitive tribes in a media by chance. Surprising fact is that they still do exist in the present day, after having been passed down and inherited from hand to hand. Now they are called shall-and-bone characters or hieroglyphic characters. After a hard consideration, we’ve […]


MOVINS.R’S OWN FITTING     The beginning, It all began with a question; Good fit, comfort, and functionality. Can they never be combined like a forbidden love? Actually, No. They can never. In order to offer greater comfort, the size needs to get bigger. And the good fit cannot be completed with boxy clothes. Plus, […]


2017 S.KOREA ARIRANG HILL FEST   What we need in planning the MOVINS.R is to verify the effectiveness as an ACTIVE STREET WEAR. Shouldn’t the verification given by the people who, I may dare to say, are the headwaters of the street fashion, the BMX or Skateboard crews? As a part of that project, cooperation […]


DISPLAY IN HONGDAE   My loving babies, who were on the 5 minutes standby of going somewhere. With such a beauty, it must’ve ben suffocating to wait at home. Let’s be shooting right out with me, baby. Let’s show them how beautiful you guys are. Let’s shine swankily with pride. Where’re we going? Energy, passion, […]


 Lookbook shooting site From the beginning of the project, we had big concern about the external schedules except for studio product shooting. We were looking for an image like a haunted house. Just like something that went crazy for our style, we always thought of our clothing to be a bit dark, heavy, and deep. […]


Movement, Vintage, Sexy and Rider The MOVINS.R Denim Supply MOVEMENT, VINTAGE, SEXY&RIDER. These created “MOVINS.R”. This will bring joy to extremers and ensure this will be their future. We will provide new opportunity to you, stylish enough to get out of stereotypical fashion world, with safety of an experienced hand. Don’t forget. As you get […]

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