From the beginning of the project, we had big concern about the external schedules except for studio product shooting.
We were looking for an image like a haunted house.
Just like something that went crazy for our style, we always thought of our clothing to be a bit dark, heavy, and deep.
I imagine some part of general hiphop or street styles have that sides.
Of course it can be expressed as light and cheerful.
But we’ll just leave that up to each individual.

Walking down the street, we ran into a wooden building built in the 80s Japanese architectural style, half demolished.
With the traces of time, the thick cement painted here and there added a layer of grotesqueness to the building.
Drawn by something, we found ourselves walking in.

The atmosphere attracted us very much. A house where no one lives anymore, with ambiguous boundaries from collapsing walls.
With cut off electricity and water, with dented floor, the house could collapse any minutes but we couldn’t be more sure that we’ve found the place.
Could we deliver the mood though photography?
It still remains as one of the concerns.

An interesting anecdote follows.
While reviewing the photos taken of the house from preliminary visit, we found a knife stuck in the wall.
For sure, we’ve never seen that knife.
Where did the knife come from?

The day of shooting approached.
Still no sign of knife.
A house of no one.
The knife leaves us some mystery.

I sometimes think as I walk.
Would I ever be able to capture the picture, I mean landscape, exactly the way I see it?