We’ve encountered characters used by ancient primitive tribes in a media by chance.

Surprising fact is that they still do exist in the present day, after having been passed down and inherited from hand to hand. Now they are called shall-and-bone characters or hieroglyphic characters.

After a hard consideration, we’ve decided to find the successors of the characters, who is known to be in Lijiang, China. However, we learn from them that many limitations exists in using the characters.

The characters from the past could not express everything we had hoped. The words like movement, vintage, sexy which consists our brand name were the concepts that didn’t exist at the time. Putting our heads together, we’ve decided to create a slogan with the motto of ‘the best clothes in the world’.

It is our philosophy to follow the past in drawing the present, and then through the present to see the future.

It is our effort to make the world’s best clothes. Hieroglyphic character; a character but also a picture. The slogan shall remain as an exemplary sentence, uniting our brand’s philosophy and efforts together.