What we need in planning the MOVINS.R is to verify the effectiveness as an ACTIVE STREET WEAR.
Shouldn’t the verification given by the people who, I may dare to say, are the headwaters of the street fashion, the BMX or Skateboard crews?
As a part of that project, cooperation with the female boarder team ‘gossip-girls’ must have been the most meaningful step in the development of MOVINS.R, at least within Korea where the popularity of Downhill at the lowest of the lowest point.
The first encounter with the girls, was broadcasted in the website of foreign country. This fires the starting of the a-whole-new-world experience.
Is the world changing?
Arirang Hill Fest, the long board down hill international competition was held in Jeongseon, Gangwon-do, Korea at the end of last April.
The competition itself was small, but it indeed was the evidence that we’re stepping forward into the world.
Dasol Jeong, a woman who have grabbed the first place after the hotly competition and with the broken toe injury.
Clap and applaud to her who did not struck as ordinary even at the first encounter.
Of course, it was the night that what she was wearing also sparkled very much.
Now it’s time to seek for the BMX crews.