The beginning,

It all began with a question; Good fit, comfort, and functionality. Can they never be combined like a forbidden love?

Actually, No. They can never.

In order to offer greater comfort, the size needs to get bigger. And the good fit cannot be completed with boxy clothes.

Plus, infusing functionality, especially the safety for certain types of people, and composing them was a very challenging task.

After three and half years of making and destroying, just like some pottery master on TV, the jean was given life.

Of course, there has to be fans and anti-fans of any design.

Just like no food will meet the taste of every single person in the world, I do not believe my cloth will give joy to everyone.

However, I just hope it will give a little more novel pleasure to someone who loves it. And also, as we stand for somewhat unfamiliar genre of active street fashion, I hope it will be remembered as a scentful experience to someone who is active and knows aesthetic.